Fresh Success Marketing Group Supports the Community

The leaders at Fresh Success Marketing Group stress giving back to the people who enable the firm's success. The company's president discussed the importance of supporting the community during the holidays and how it builds her team.

“At Fresh Success Marketing Group, we recognize the many benefits of giving back to the community,” stated Trang C., the firm’s president. “When our people take part in volunteer events and fundraising efforts, a rewarding feeling emerges that can’t be matched. Our firm grows as a result of each philanthropic pursuit we take on, and I think the holiday season is the most critical time for a team to help those in need.”

The firm’s associates help a range of worthy causes throughout the year. During the holidays, they focus on lending support to homeless shelters, toy drives, and animal rescue organizations. Trang remarked, “I think bringing people and animals comfort during the holidays are the best ways to make the season brighter. We take pride in our philanthropic culture here at Fresh Success Marketing Group, and we want to spread a message of hope and unity through all our giveback efforts.”

Trang understands that there are also public relations benefits to supporting the community. “I think it’s important for the Fresh Success Marketing Group name to be associated with doing good,” she noted. “We want customers to know that we care as much about making the world a better place as expanding awareness for dynamic brands.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President Discusses How Giving Back Strengthens Team

Trang believes that giving back helps those who offer support as much as those who receive it. She explained, “Obviously we participate in volunteer events to help people in need, but I think the benefits go both ways. Our people get a confidence boost from knowing they’ve done good deeds, and they also gain fresh perspectives into the value of their work and how their company makes a real impact on the world. Those things combine to unify our team and enliven our associates’ collaboration back at the office.”

Giving back also allows the associates to interact and connect with community leaders. “We’ve made quite a few beneficial contacts through giveback events over the years,” the president added. “I think it’s safe to say that Fresh Success Marketing Group is a thriving industry leader thanks in large part to the connections we forge through our philanthropic measures. The people behind the brands we promote also see the rewards of our giveback efforts, because our public profile grows with each one we join.”

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