Fresh Success Marketing Group Seeking New Talent in New Year

Fresh Success Marketing Group's president announced a hiring push to accommodate growth in 2015. She also addressed the need to ensure team members' satisfaction in order to retain talent, and identified her approach to doing so.

“For many people, the start of a New Year is a time of reflection and resolution,” said Trang C., the president of Fresh Success Marketing Group. “We’re no different. My colleagues and I have been assessing our growth for the past year, and setting new growth goals. To ensure that we can accommodate our anticipated expansion, we’re adding to our team.”

Trang indicated that she is looking for interns, as well as business-minded individuals to fill the roles of entry-level marketing and advertising professionals, account managers, and assistant managers. “We provide a lot of thorough training, so it’s okay if applicants don’t have much experience in this field,” she stated. “It’s more important that they bring energy, positivity, and an affinity for collaboration to the table.”

“I expect there are a lot of ambitious and talented people who are also resolving to develop in 2015,” Trang said. “This firm is the perfect place for career growth. Every position allows for promotion all the way to upper management. As soon as a team member demonstrates a mastery of the skills and information necessary to advance, he or she is promoted. Furthermore, everyone is assigned a mentor to guide them along. This support makes the learning process much easier and more enjoyable. I encourage anyone who is interested to apply online.”

Leader at Fresh Success Marketing Group Discusses Techniques for Team Member Satisfaction

“My colleagues and I at Fresh Success Marketing Group realize that the hiring process doesn’t end once onboarding is complete,” continued Trang. “Not only are we planning to recruit the industry’s brightest minds, but we plan on keeping them here as well. This year, we’re adding and sharpening some strategies for retaining our team members.”

Trang pointed out that people feel most confident when they fully understand others’ expectations. She noted that it wouldn’t be fair to expect a team member to produce stellar work if he or she didn’t understand the overall goal. For this reason, she intends to make sure that the company’s vision and mission are well known to everyone in the company, and that she will communicate with them periodically regarding any clarification they may need about their roles.

“I also want everyone to feel empowered here,” Trang concluded. “As a means of monitoring success, I intend to meet with them regularly and on an individual basis. All my professionals need to know that their contributions to the firm are valued and that I’m fully invested in helping them achieve their goals.”

About Fresh Success Marketing Group

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