Fresh Success Marketing Group Promotes Jennifer M

The management at Fresh Success Marketing Group is pleased to announce that Jennifer M. has been promoted from assistant manager to manager. Jennifer will be responsible for opening a new office, plus hiring and training that team.

“Jennifer embodies all the best traits we look for in Fresh Success Marketing Group associates,” said Trang C., the company’s president. “She has certainly earned this promotion due to her diligence. We expect that this new team will flourish under her direction.”

Trang cited that Jennifer’s three greatest strengths impacted the managers’ decision to promote her. “Jennifer is great at building relationships, which is a skill you must have in the interactive marketing industry,” she said. “She’s self-motivated and ready to jump in and take the lead. Of course, she also has a positive attitude. I can’t stress enough how vital that is to attaining success.”

Jennifer’s original career path was destined to head in a different direction. “I went to school for social media marketing and nursing,” she said. “When I found this opportunity, I left nursing school to pursue my career with Fresh Success Marketing Group, in the hopes of one day becoming an executive manager.”

Today, Jennifer is realizing her aspirations as she prepares to open the new office on May 19. In addition to her advancement, she also hopes to elevate two key team members to manager positions by the end of this year as well.  

“I am so grateful for everyone at Fresh Success Marketing Group and all of my mentors in this business,” Jennifer stated. ”I can't wait to share the knowledge I have gained. I have found my passion and I get to do something I love while helping others realize that they have the potential to be successful. Dedication and perseverance pay off!”

Fresh Success Marketing Group Managers Discuss Their Ever Growing Team

While highlighting Jennifer’s success, Trang noted that the company has been enjoying significant growth overall. “Our team is continuing to grow,” she said. “We look forward to adding new associates in the near future. As is visible through Jennifer’s ascent to management, Fresh Success Marketing Group supports associates not only succeeding in their positions, but also advancing in their careers.”

Jennifer shared her favorite quote from Earl Nightingale, which she tied to a philosophy that has allowed her to grow professionally, “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." As Jennifer concluded, “I saw an opportunity and worked hard to move forward. I’m excited to help others do the same. There’s no time like today to get started on a great career.”

About Fresh Success Marketing Group

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