Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. Donates to Local Charity

The team at Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. has donated time and raised funds for a local domestic violence shelter in the community. The company's president discussed the benefits of philanthropy.

“Giving back is a significant part of our mission here at Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc.,” said Trang C., the firm’s president. “The work that the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter’s team does is admirable and essential. We are proud to be associated with this outstanding organization.”

The team at Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. has been involved with the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter throughout the year. “Our team has been happy to offer assistance in a variety of ways,” said Trang. “We participate in the shelter’s volunteer programs, plus we are at the forefront of the organization’s fundraisers, such as the Purple Run. Anything we can do to help prevent the tragedy of domestic violence is at the top of our list. Everyone deserves to live in a safe environment.”

A member of Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc., The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter provides 24-hour crisis prevention for families who are impacted by domestic violence. The shelter also offers transitional housing, counseling services, and legal assistance to help individuals and families recover from the effects of domestic abuse.

Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc.’s President Highlights the Benefits of Philanthropy

“When we give back to the community, it feels wonderful,” said Trang. “Working together inspires the team and boosts morale.” The Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. executive team encourages associates to regularly volunteer their time to the causes that are close to them. “When people are motivated to help others, they bring that enthusiasm back to the office. This benefits the brands we represent.”

Volunteering also provides team members with opportunities to develop their skills. “Community events bring out the best in people,” added the president. “It’s fascinating to watch individuals step up and expand their abilities. They know their contributions directly impact those in need, so they are more inclined to do what it takes to generate positive results.”

Trang and the Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. management team understand that philanthropy enables the firm to establish close ties with the local community. “When we work with local organizations such as The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, we help improve the quality of life for people in our neighborhood,” said Trang. “This benefits our business, plus it helps the communities in which we live.”

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