Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. Analyzes Holiday Trends

Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc.'s president discussed the 2014 holiday season's marketing trends.

“I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that December is a huge month for shopping,” said Trang C., the president of Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc. “As such, this is the time of year in which advertising campaigns are in full swing. Every year our promotional experts spend months preparing for this season.”

As the company’s team members plan head-turning outreach initiatives for their clients, they conduct careful market research and analyze the latest trends. This helps them ensure that their promotions are consistently one step ahead of competitors’. “We always make sure that we are fully informed when designing campaigns,” Trang confirmed. “We strive to utilize the best means of communication to relay highly-specific messages to target audiences.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group, Inc.s President Highlights 2014 Holiday Marketing Trends

“There certainly is a lot to observe at the hottest retail locations this time of year,” Trang continued. “After all, it started months ago, so we’ve had plenty of time to see how things are progressing. The shopping season really is beginning earlier and earlier every year.”

For instance, Trang pointed out that the biggest toy retailers wasted no time rolling out their ads. The year’s must-haves for children are featured at Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target. “The most popular items on kids’ wish lists these days are electronic gadgets and Frozen merchandise. It’s been nearly a year since the movie was in theatres, but Olaf, Ana, and Elsa are big hits nonetheless!”

“One final thing I’d like to point out is the role of mobile devices in the 2014 holiday shopping season,” Trang concluded. “Of course, smartphones and other electronics have been used to help shoppers for years now, but consumers have begun using them differently and more often. It’s easier than ever to access retailers’ websites to research products, and to consult reviews on these offerings as well. People are more informed than ever. Companies looking to capitalize on the season really should ensure that all relevant websites are responsive to mobile devices. A slow, difficult-to-navigate landing page is the surest way to send customers elsewhere, especially when people are on the go. Fortunately, by preparing appropriately for the holiday season, any business can really hit it out of the park.”

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