Fresh Success Marketing Group Highlights Trang C.

The president of Fresh Success Marketing Group, Trang C., is a motivated and admired leader. She openly shared the events that brought her to oversee the dynamic marketing firm.

“I was born and raised in Vietnam,” said Trang. “My dad is a national tennis coach and my mom is a chef. Long before my time at Fresh Success Marketing Group, I only knew how to do two things: play tennis and go to school. Actually, I even played tennis professionally for a while, traveling to more than a dozen countries.”

When Trang graduated from high school in 2006, her family received an e-mail from an American university, offering her a full tennis scholarship. “I remember I was super scared and worried about the idea of moving to another country alone,” she stated. “However, going to a school in the United States with a full ride is a dream of so many students in Vietnam. My family encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity.”

In January 2007, Trang traveled to Wichita, Kansas. America wasn’t like she saw it on television, and she only knew a few words of English. Still, she attended Barton County Community College with a 4.0 GPA before moving to Topeka. There she joined the Washburn University women’s tennis team, and graduated from the institution with a double major in marketing and management and a double minor in communication and leadership. These experiences – both in and out of school – undoubtedly prepared her to become the respected company president she is at Fresh Success Marketing Group today.

Trang Establishes Herself as a Professional at Fresh Success Marketing Group

By 2012, Trang earned her MBA and married her husband, Michael. His new job brought the couple to Dallas, Texas, where Trang began her own job search. “I submitted more than 160 resumes, and only received two calls,” she continued. “No one wanted to interview me because I didn’t have any real experience. I knew I needed a job to build my resume. Luckily, I did hear from a marketing firm in Dallas. The company was willing to train me from entry level and offer opportunities for growth. It changed my life.”

“I learned everything I needed to know about marketing, HR, and management,” Trang concluded. “Before I knew it, I was promoted to executive manager. Then in 2013, at age 26, I started Fresh Success Marketing Group. The firm – and the team – is growing rapidly, with a promising future ahead. I believe you choose success – it does not choose you. If you want something, you have to go for it. Don’t wait for it to come to you. It’s not about circumstances or environment. It’s all about decision, time, effort, and passion.”

About Fresh Success Marketing Group

Fresh Success Marketing Group specializes in unique promotional initiatives that forge lasting connections between companies and their most receptive customers. The firm applies the combined talents of an exceptional team of branding specialists to generate impressive business growth and market expansion. Through extensive market analysis and demographic research, Fresh Success Marketing Group has built a reputation as a reliable provider of consistently effective and memorable promotions. The company serves a diverse portfolio of clients, from small local startups to world-renowned corporations. Fresh Success Marketing Group is poised for expansion into new markets and a bright future as an innovative provider of event-based marketing.