Fresh Success Marketing Group Focused on Careers for Growth

Fresh Success Marketing Group's leaders seek career-oriented applicants when expanding their team. The firm's president discussed this and how it encourages individual growth as well as that of the firm.

“I take a great deal of pride in the training system we’ve developed here at Fresh Success Marketing Group,” declared Trang C., the company’s president. “It’s an approach that truly inspires growth. By pairing new additions to the team with veteran associates, our new people receive the best, most practical knowledge possible while our practiced experts are constantly revitalized by the fresh ideas and zeal up-and-comers bring to the table.”

Trang feels confident that committing to people right from the beginning helps them develop quickly. “In a short period of time we are able to provide the necessary awareness and confidence to continue the company’s tradition of delivering high-impact campaigns that measurably boost consumer engagement and bottom lines.”

However, Trang is quick to point out that she’s not there to hold anyone’s hand. The progress one makes through the program depends entirely on his or her desire to succeed. “What we offer here at Fresh Success Marketing Group is unique: a true career path that relies strictly on the ability to produce results. Only go-getters need apply.”

Trang’s approach has proven highly effective, both for her team and the firm. By encouraging her people to set and achieve career goals, Fresh Success Marketing Group has realized many operational goals as well. “Treat people well and they will return the favor. It’s not a secret, but it’s amazing how many business leaders haven’t figured it out.”

Fresh Success Marketing Groups President Talks Career Fulfillment

“Rather than push people, I prefer to lead them,” Trang continued. “That’s why our interviewing process is geared toward identifying career-oriented people from the beginning. Someone who is looking for a great opportunity and enjoys working with the public and on a team is going to recognize just how great we are.”

Even after they find the right people, the Fresh Success Marketing Group leaders continue to point out the virtues of seeking career fulfillment. “Career-minded individuals gain satisfaction from what they do. It definitely translates into financial gains, but there are other perks as well, such as better health, more enriching relationships, and greater self-esteem.”

As Trang concluded, “Taking pleasure in your career means you have a lot less to complain about, so you have to figure out what to do with all your extra time and energy. I feel alright asking people to pay that price though!”

About Fresh Success Marketing Group

Fresh Success Marketing Group specializes in unique promotional initiatives that forge lasting connections between companies and their most receptive customers. The firm applies the combined talents of an exceptional team of branding specialists to generate impressive business growth and market expansion. Through extensive market analysis and demographic research, Fresh Success Marketing Group has built a reputation as a reliable provider of consistently effective and memorable promotions. The company serves a diverse portfolio of clients, from small local startups to world-renowned corporations. Fresh Success Marketing Group is poised for expansion into new markets and a bright future as an innovative provider of event-based marketing.