Fresh Success Marketing Group Supports Unique Cause

The President of Fresh Success Marketing Group detailed a recent giveback event supporting a great local organization. She also extolled the many benefits of volunteering as a team.


Fresh Success Marketing Group associates care about making the world a better and more sustainable place. They recently contributed to the inspiring mission of the Cibolo Nature Center and Farm in Boerne, Texas. “Our people were honored to support this cause, and I think we will certainly be doing it again,” stated Trang, the firm’s President. “We will do anything we can do to advance conservation efforts.”

The Cibolo Nature Center and Farm’s mission is to promote conservation of all natural resources through education and dedicated stewardship. The organization was founded by Carolyn Chipman Evans and her husband Brent in 1988, and it began as an effort to protect a segment of the Cibolo creek. Today, the center provides nature-focused education, research, and outdoor events for over 100,000 visitors each year.


The firm’s associates helped Cibolo Nature Center and Farm with their outdoor concert series, which is known as Moondance. From spring through to the end of summer, the center hosts concerts to benefit its nature education and outreach programs. Trang remarked, “It was a great night of music and camaraderie. Concert goers laid out blankets and sat in lawn chairs, and there was lots of dancing as the night went on. We can’t wait to attend another Moondance event!”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President on the Benefits of Giving Back as a Team


Trang and the rest of the Fresh Success Marketing Group leaders understand the morale-boosting benefits of supporting good causes. The President noted, “The rewarding feeling that comes from giving back can’t be replicated any other way. Our people gain fresh perspectives on the value of their own work when they give their time and energies to help worthy organizations like the Cibolo center. They grow closer as people when they come to appreciate each other’s talents.”

Volunteering as a team also presents a range of networking opportunities. The President commented, “We always come back to the office with new contacts after a giveback event. When you contribute to helpful community organizations, you get to mingle with influential leaders of all types. Fresh Success Marketing Group continues to benefit from the many connections we have forged through our philanthropic measures. Our associates become more adept at networking as they make positive impacts on our region and beyond.”


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