Fresh Success Marketing Group Prepares for Career Fair

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President outlined an upcoming career fair several of the firm’s associates will be attending. She also discussed a conference at which she is scheduled to speak.

The leaders of Fresh Success Marketing Group are always looking for ways to bring the most talented and ambitious people into the fold. Trang, the firm’s President, explained, “We don’t just sit back and wait for great candidates to find us; we go to where they are and explain all the ways our firm helps people grow.” A few select members of the Fresh Success Marketing Group are set to attend a career fair at the University of Texas at San Antonio to spread the word about the organization.

Trang commented, “Our associates will venture out to UTSA to let business-minded students know about our internship program and the many entry-level positions we offer. We want young candidates to understand that we emphasize continuing education and provide clear pathways to advancement for dedicated people.” The career fair allows Fresh Success Marketing Group associates to get up-close and personal with some of the brightest candidates entering the job market this spring and summer.

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President to Speak at Conference

The President is also preparing for a national conference on training, at which she will deliver a keynote speech. She explained, “I will be speaking on the importance of extensive training and how it needs to continue well after a person has settled in with a company. These are things we emphasize at Fresh Success Marketing Group, so I am proud to share my thoughts on these subjects with everyone at the conference.”

This conference will provide all who attend with a range of innovative insights into the importance of initial and continuing professional education. Trang and her fellow Fresh Success Marketing Group leaders have become experts in these areas, and they give their team members plenty of opportunities to build upon their unique strengths.

The event also promises plenty of networking potential, and any team members chosen to represent Fresh Success Marketing Group will return to the office with a variety of new contacts. Trang concluded, “Every industry event is a chance for our associates to interact with other top performers from all corners of the business world. I know this one will be no different, and I am excited to see what unexpected doors are opened for our company in the future as a result.”

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