Fresh Success Marketing Group on New Markets, Internship

Fresh Success Marketing Group's managers announced expansion into new markets. They are also hiring interns to build internal business talent, and traveling to industry events for training.

​The team at Fresh Success Marketing Group is excited to be expanding their reach and helping brands access new test markets. According to Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President, Trang, “Our goal with each brand will be to identify the types of event-based marketing that create the highest return on profit in each new market. Similarly, we will be looking at campaign management techniques in each new market. As we grow and continue to innovate, our goal is always to provide the brands we represent with the widest variety of marketing tools and tested techniques, as well as the highest possible value, whether in a new market or an established one.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group Is Hiring Interns to Build Business Talent

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s leaders are eager to announce this year’s internship program. As part of an effort to be involved with the local community, they are looking to bring in recent graduates looking for hands-on experience to round out their résumé.

“Our internship program is designed to provide the opportunity for a recent graduate to experience the world of business marketing in a professional setting,” stated Trang. “We are less interested in background and prior experience than a willingness to learn and contribute.”

The team hopes to continue this expansion in the upcoming years, so Fresh Success Marketing Group will have a number of roles to fill across many different functional areas. Individuals with positive attitudes and a willingness to learn will find a lot of opportunity and challenge.

“We are looking for individuals seeking careers rather than just jobs,” Trang continued. “Our goal is to train new recruits and advance them into upper management, allowing them to learn the business from the bottom up. Individuals who are looking to expand their skills and take on new challenges are welcomed. We take your enthusiasm and mix it with training and coaching to help each individual excel.”

Anyone interested in joining the team can apply via the company’s website.

Fresh Success Marketing Group Team Travels to Industry Conferences and Training Events

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s management believes in the importance of professional development for each team member. Over the next few months, the team will have the opportunity to travel to several different parts of the country to attend conferences and participate in cross-training with industry leaders. These events are opportunities for top-performing team members to network and learn best practices from influencers.

“We believe that giving associates the opportunity to travel to professional conferences is a great way to help them provide positive contributions to the team,” indicated Trang. “Just last week, we had people in Dallas, Pittsburgh and El Paso. It encourages them to think about the conferences in terms of takeaways and value they can bring home. Learning industry innovations and best practices is only the first step to business success.”

Similarly, Fresh Success Marketing Group focuses on providing each associate opportunities for cross-training. This helps give team members the skills they need to take on new challenges, whether implementing new industry innovations or being promoted into management.

Trang always reminds the team that, “At Fresh Success Marketing Group, we believe that our success is built upon the individual success of our associates and providing the best possible service to the brands we represent.”

About Fresh Success Marketing Group

Fresh Success Marketing Group specializes in unique promotional initiatives that forge lasting connections between companies and their most receptive customers. The firm applies the combined talents of an exceptional team of branding specialists to generate impressive business growth and market expansion. Through extensive market analysis and demographic research, Fresh Success Marketing Group has built a reputation as a reliable provider of consistently effective and memorable promotions. The company serves a diverse portfolio of clients, from small local startups to world-renowned corporations. Fresh Success Marketing Group is poised for expansion into new markets and a bright future as an innovative provider of event-based marketing.

Source: Fresh Success Marketing Group