Fresh Success Marketing Group Guides Team Through Holidays

Fresh Success Marketing Group's president outlined the ways company leaders use training efforts to guide their team members through the hectic holiday rush. She also shared tips for managing the stress of the season.

​Team members at Fresh Success Marketing Group are empowered to thrive through a culture of ongoing training. During the busy holiday season, this commitment to constant improvement comes in especially handy. “Our leaders organize an array of developmental sessions to keep our associates on track during this demanding time of year,” said Trang C., the firm’s president. “As a result, our people stay productive and engaged through the season and into the New Year.”

Customer interactions reach near-overwhelming levels when the holidays roll around, and the leaders at Fresh Success Marketing Group make sure their associates are thoroughly prepared. The president explained, “We organize team training sessions, webinars, and other events to help our people withstand the hectic days of the holiday season. By focusing on customer service and time management, we give our team members the extra edge they need to thrive throughout this hectic stretch.”

Staying productive is the key in all these efforts, and a focal point of the firm’s culture. Trang commented, “It’s easy to just give in to the stresses of the holidays and simply survive until the next day. Here at Fresh Success Marketing Group, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen, so we go to great lengths to keep our team prepared and engaged.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President Offers Suggestions for Overcoming Holiday Stress

The president uses a few specific strategies to keep team members at Fresh Success Marketing Group on top of their game during the holiday season. She stated, “The first step in making sure things go smoothly through the holiday rush is to set clear expectations. There are so many distractions and competing priorities this time of year, and you have to make sure everyone is on the same page with regard to important campaigns and customer interactions.”

Trang also gives her associates time to decompress, both in and out of the office. “We always look forward to our office parties when the holiday season is upon us,” she added. “I also like to give our team members a few afternoons off throughout November and December so they can get a head start on shopping and other tasks they need to get done away from work. I think that makes a huge difference in workplace productivity.”

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