Fresh Success Marketing Group Expands Into San Marcos

Fresh Success Marketing Group's CEO detailed the firm's current expansion venture. She also highlighted a few benefits of opening new markets and setting aggressive goals.

Expanding into new territories is a sure sign of good health for a company. That’s why Trang, Fresh Success Marketing Group’s CEO, is happy to announce that the firm is entering the San Marcos region of Texas. She explained, “This is an exciting time for our entire organization, because we know this expansion will provide meaningful opportunities for both existing and new team members. The fact that we’re able to expand just shows the growth potential we have, which is inspiring for all our associates.”

The CEO also discussed the firm’s recruiting efforts related to the expansion. She commented, “We’re looking for people who are willing to travel three times a week to keep widening our territory. By casting a wider net, I’m sure we’ll be able to find driven individuals who are ready to improve their skills as Fresh Success Marketing Group continues to build a reputation as an industry leader.”

Several new campaigns are ready to go as soon as the company’s new location is up and running. Trang stated, “We’re going to hit the ground running in the San Marcos area. There are other markets in our sights for future growth, so we want to create some positive momentum and keep it rolling in the months to come.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s CEO on the Benefits of Expansion and Ambitious Goals

One of the prime benefits of expanding into new territories is the ability to reach fresh customer demographics. Trang remarked, “We’re ready to open people’s eyes to what Fresh Success Marketing Group campaigns are all about, and to expand awareness for the brands we promote in the process. I’m sure our associates will also gain invaluable experience from shaping our promotions for maximum impact.”

The positive PR that comes with expansion is also a boon to an organization’s future growth potential. People want to do business with companies that are trending in the right direction. “Opening a new territory is an ideal way to let consumers know that you’re headed for bigger and better things,” the CEO noted.

Expanding into San Marcos is a reflection of the Fresh Success Marketing Group commitment to establishing aggressive benchmarks. Trang commented, “We encourage our people to set clear and ambitious goals. As leaders, we set the pace by setting the bar high when it comes to expansion. We know the status quo won’t help us stay ahead of the competition, either as individuals or as an organization. With that in mind, we continue to reach greater heights together.”

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