Fresh Success Marketing Group Celebrates Clothing Drive

The people at Fresh Success Marketing Group recently ran a clothing drive to support Dress for Success. According to Trang, the firm’s President, the team completed the drive with excellent results.

Trang indicated that Fresh Success Marketing Group’s culture is driven by a core set of values. One of those key principles is placing a high priority on supporting the community. So, the firm’s team members regularly work together and select causes to support. The most recent of these was Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to helping women achieve economic independence.

“Giving back is important to everyone on our team,” Trang said. “The whole office lights up with energy when we identify a nonprofit we are going to support. Our strong cultural emphasis on community service is behind a lot of that. It also comes from us choosing our social impact partners as a group.”

For Fresh Success Marketing Group, giving back is also a way to stand out as a community leader, asserted Trang. She stated that her team gets a lot of strength from being in San Antonio. So, they are driven to support the community that is their foundation. The next cause they plan on supporting is a local food bank.

“We’ll be running a drive in the office to collect supplies for Goodwill and the food bank,” Trang said. “We have enjoyed a great deal of success. So, we are happy to do what we can to help others. It isn’t just a sense of obligation, it is part of who we are.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President Discussed Dress for Success

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s people selected Dress for Success in part because it resonated with them. Trang explained that their work focuses a lot on image and presentation. So, they understand the importance of being able to present oneself well when making a career move.

“Dress for Success is focused on empowering women,” she continued. “It provides professional attire and development tools to help women achieve their personal and professional goals. There are so many people with potential out there who could accomplish impressive things with a little assistance.”

Trang stated that the nonprofit’s mission felt like an ideal fit for her team. She added that its track record made her team confident that supporting the cause would lead to meaningful impact. Since 1997, Dress for Success has helped nearly one million women in 26 countries and 148 cities.

“Every organization we identify has some meaning to our team,” Trang concluded. “With Dress for Success, we knew our efforts would be supporting the career aspirations of the women of San Antonio. That type of change is something everyone here can get excited about.”

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