Fresh Success is Making a Difference in the Community

Fresh Success Marketing Group's President detailed the firm's recent giveback effort on behalf of a worthy cause. She also discussed the many benefits that come with giving back to the community as a team.

Philanthropy has always been a core element of the Fresh Success Marketing Group ethos. Trang, the firm’s President, stated, “I’m passionate about giving back to the local community. As a business owner, I know it’s my duty to make a positive impact on those who live in our area. That’s why we participate in at least one community giveback event every month.” The team’s most recent philanthropic endeavor was a clothing donation for a local shelter called Roy Maas Youth Alternatives.

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, or RMYA, has been helping children and families in crisis since 1976. The nonprofit provides housing and counseling services to abused, neglected, and high-risk youth in and around the San Antonio area. RMYA supplies 24-hour care, healthy food, and even an accredited school on its premises. Along with individual, family, and group counseling, RMYA also offers classes in parenting skills and cultural enrichment.

Trang explained, “We were honored to help RMYA advance its mission through a clothing drive within the Fresh Success Marketing Group office. Every member of our team donated something, so we were able to fill an entire truck to bring to the shelter. It was a rewarding experience because we know we did our part to make people’s lives just a bit easier.”

Fresh Success Marketing Group’s President on the Benefits of Team Giveback Events

There are many benefits to giving that go beyond the rewarding feeling it brings. Members of Team Fresh Success Marketing Group have leveraged these benefits in a variety of ways. Trang commented, “Our branding experts have become stronger collaborators through their giving pursuits. Every time they leave their comfort zones to assist a worthy cause, they learn more about each other on a personal level. It’s even possible for this to happen during an in-office donation drive, because team members tighten bonds by discussing their passions for specific causes.”

Coming together to support a good cause also helps build engagement throughout an office. The President remarked, “People want to know they work for companies that truly care. We continue to build on our commitment to giving here at Fresh Success Marketing Group, knowing that it helps us retain our top talent as we make a difference in people’s lives.”

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