Fresh Success Builds Networks, Knowledge at Conference

Fresh Success Marketing Group's President detailed a recent leadership conference in Dallas and the benefits it offered to those who attended. She also shared her best tips for networking at big industry events.

Travel opportunities bring so many rewards, which is why they appear on the Fresh Success Marketing Group calendar. A few hand-selected team members recently attended the national quarterly leadership conference in Dallas, where they forged connections with some of the most talented entrepreneurs in the industry. Trang, the firm's President, stated, "David, Jazmine, Sean, Hector, and Sara were chosen to attend the conference because they consistently go the extra mile to achieve their personal growth goals."

Sara, who is Fresh Success Marketing Group's HR administrator, received an award at the conference for her stellar performance. Trang remarked, "Sara's job is to hire new talent for our company, which means she's bringing in business owners of the future. It was nice to see her recognized for the great job she's been doing." For her part, Sara said the award reinvigorated her passion for what she does and reminded her how important her position really is.

The conference emphasized how essential it is to look at the bigger picture rather than where a person might be at any given moment. Jazmine, one of the firm's campaign managers, stated, "Being around so many successful people made me realize how important it is to have strong professional relationships, both within your workplace and the industry as a whole."

Fresh Success Marketing Group's President Offers Networking Tips for Industry Events

Events such as the Dallas conference are networking goldmines, but only if attendees use the right approaches. Trang stated, "I always offer a few reminders to our promotional specialists before they head out to a big industry gathering. The first thing they need to remember is that modest goals will set them up for success. They can't expect to connect with everyone they meet at a conference, so they need to focus on creating a handful of meaningful bonds. Using this approach tends to pay off in the long run, because you can spend more time with each new contact."

Following up with new contacts is another essential part of the networking process. "When our team members add new names to their contact lists, it's a good idea to take notes on each discussion right after it happens. By doing so, they'll have some specific callbacks in their messages to remind new connections of the value Fresh Success Marketing Group can provide."

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